Hitler’s Childhood Home to Become A Museum? Austria Mulls Establishing ‚House of Responsibility‘


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Hitler’s Childhood Home to Become A Museum? Austria Mulls Establishing ‚House of Responsibility‘

Adolf Hitler’s house in the Austrian town of Braunau am Inn could turn into a museum named the „House of Responsibility.“

By Sandra Weyant | Sep 10, 2014 04:35 PM EDT

Adolf Hitler
The Austrian house where Hitler resided could be turned into a museum named the “House of Responsibility.” (Photo : Wikimedia Commons)
Adolf Hitler’s house in the Austrian town of Braunau am Inn could turn into a museum called the „House of Responsibility.“ The potential name and general idea for the museum came from Austrian historian Andreas Maislinger, who says the facility could educate students and young people. Visitors would be able to do research on crimes against humanity and further understand the events of World War II, according to USA Today. The location would memorialize the crimes and victims of the German dictator as well. The building has served many purposes over the years and was used as a bank, workshop, library, school and home for the disabled, reported Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Hitler’s childhood home is currently empty, and has been for three years. The Austrian Interior Ministry rents it from a local woman, the USC Shoah Foundation revealed. On April 20, Hitler’s birthday, neo-Nazis often migrate to the site. „Schindler’s List“ producer and Holocaust survivor Branko Lustig has supported Maislinger with the development, the Washington Post reported. Braunau am Inn’s town association is expected to support the plan, and Austria’s Interior Ministry will make a final decision regarding approval in upcoming weeks. Museum supporters hope the late dictator’s house will lose its appeal for extremists who come every year to worship Hitler on his birthday. „The house will only lose its appeal for such people when it stands as a clear and just symbol against Nazism,“ Maislinger said.

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