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De Maylene- Virginia Holocaust Museum Newsletter Fall 2000
Austrian Intern to Spend 14 months at Museum Gedenkdienst (Commemorative Service or Remembrance Service) is an independent Austrian foundation with an important mission: to emphasize the recognition of Austria’s part of the collective responsibility for the Holocaust and the responsibility for each and every Austrian to remember. Among Gedenkdienst’s efforts is an intern placement program. Participants are allowed to work as interns in archives and museums in lieu of performing military service. Since 1992, almost 100 Gedenkdienst interns have worked throughout the world. In July 2000, the Virginia Holocaust Museum welcomed its first Gedenkdienst intern Michael Gruebl. Becoming a Gedenkdiener involved Michael, contacting the organization. The Austrian government (the foundation’s primary funder), had to recognize the Virginia Holocaust Museum as an appropriate Gedenkdienst. Jay Ipson, executive director of the museum, dealt with the Austrian authorities on documentation. Michael has ambitious plans for his fourteen months of service. „I want to work for the remembrance of the Holocaust,“ Michael said recently in his excellent English. „In Austria about eight percent of the population still deny the Holocaust. Austrians played important roles in the NSDAP (Nazi Party). „Hitler, of course, was Austrian, even the percentage of party members and war criminals was higher [in Austria] than in Germany. My work should help to remember and to fight for a ’never again‘.“ The Virginia Holocaust Museum’s „family“ extends a warm welcome to Michael Gruebl. Stop by and meet our Gedenkdienst intern on your next visit.

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  • Datum 1. Juli 2016
  • Tags Pressearchiv 2000

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