New Intern, Legacy(Newsletter of the Florida Holocaust Museum), Herbst 2004


Projekt Beschreibung

New Intern

Michael Neumayr is our new intern from Austria. Michael comes to the Museum through the Gedenkdienst, which is the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service program. Founded by Andreas Maislinger in 1991, this program is a unique assistance to Holocaust-related archives and museums. Since 1992, over 150 Gedenkdienst interns, mostly in their 20s, have worked and studied to preserve Holocaust history in lieu of military service back home. Michael joined the Museum in August. Having visited concentrations camps and met with survivors, Michael understands the importance of educating young people about the Holocaust. He has always had an interest in contemporary history and had worked as a volunteer fire fighter and orchestra musician in Austria before jouning the Gedenkdienst. He says, „… I’m glad to be her in the so called ‚New World‘. I’m sure that the next 14 months will be very important for me.“ We think so, too, Michael. Welcome.

Projekt Details

  • Datum 17. September 2016
  • Tags Pressearchiv 2004

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