Ten Years of Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service


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Contact: Austrian Press and Information Service, Washington D.C. October 01, 2002 Ten years ago, on September 1, 1992, the young Austrian Georg Mayer initiated the first Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service in the museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau. This was made possible by political scientist Andreas Maislinger who since 1978 had promoted the idea of an Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service abroad. Service in the „Organization for Alternative Service Abroad“ (Auslandsdienst) lasts two months longer than the usual twelve months of compulsory civil service. Opportunities in the organization are enhanced by a Social Service program where young Austrians can collaborate on social projects and a Peace Service program where they can support peace initiatives. Worldwide there are 481 partner organizations, however, only a third of these partner organizations are staffed by young Austrians who want to do alternative service abroad. In 1991 Dr. Andreas Maislinger founded the „Organization for Alternative Service Abroad.“ It gives young people the chance to do alternative service abroad in one of three categories: Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service (Gedenkdienst), Social Service (Sozialdienst) and Peace Service (Friedensdienst). The „Organization for Alternative Service Abroad“ must insure that the young Austrians who are sent abroad are well prepared. An internal administrative organization, staffed primarily by service volunteers, provides appropriate training. Financial support from the Austrian government is also necessary to send as many young Austrians abroad as possible. Some partner organizations support the young Austrians who participate in the „Organization for Alternative Service Abroad.“ The organizations provide either direct financial aid or some other form of support. Thus, the Holocaust Museum in Richmond, Virginia, assists their current intern, Markus Kubak, (Gaschurn, Austria) by providing him with an apartment in town. Markus is convinced that his work is important and he appreciates the museum’s assistance. The mission of the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service program is to ensure that the crimes committed during the Holocaust will be remembered and never happen again. Written by Florian Oberleiter (Mutters, Austria) Organization for Alternative Service Abroad

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