Austrian Serving Civil Duty at VA Holocaust Museum, The Reflector The Voice of the Richmond Jewish Community


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The Reflector The Voice of the Richmond Jewish Community 15th August, 2000

Austrian Serving Civil Duty at VA Holocaust Museum Michael Gruebl, an 18-year old Austrian, is spending 14 months as an intern at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. His service here is in lieu of Austrian military service and is part of Austria’ s Gedenkdienst (remembrance service) program. Since 1992 young Austrians have had the opportunity to do civil service at Holocaust museums around the world. Over 100 have already completed their service. Most have done so at such well known institutions as the United States Holocaust Museum, the Simon Wiesenthal Center [sic] and Israel’ s Yad Vashem. Gedenkdienst requires participants to serve 6 months longer than those opting for traditional military service. Despite that, Gruebl decided that the work was „far more interesting than serving as a soldier“ and gives him the opportunity to do something useful and important „instead of learning how to shoot“. The Virginia Holocaust Museum is proud to have Gruebl serving at the facility and is grateful to the Austrian government for establishing the program. More information about Gedenkdienst can be found on the Internet at For more information about the Virginia Holocaust Museum, call 257-5400 or visit

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