Costa Rica – Festival Y Encuentro De Comunidades

Costa Rica is considered the third most environmental-friendly country in the world. Already today the demand for energy in the small state is covered almost 100% by renewable energy, of which 68% accounts to waterpower – not without an impact on the ecosystem. As a part of a delegation of the Finca Sonador – Asoc. de Cooperativas Europeas Longo Mai, social servant Georg Eger recently participated in the environmental festival for the protection of the rivers “Festival Y Encuentro De Comunidades De Costa Rica” in Turrialba. Finca Sonador Longo Mai - Costa Rica president Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera The festival was used to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the referendum against the construction of hydroelectric plants in Costa Rica. Cultural, sporting and educational activities with a focus on ecology took place. Among the participants were environmental activists, farmers, representatives of indigenous peoples and delegations of communities from all seven provinces of Costa Rica. George was honored to not only to get to know people from all over Costa Rica, but also he had the chance to meet the president of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera Luis (pictured right), to have a short talk on the subject of hydropower. Along with Environment Minister Edgar Gutiérrez Espeleta​, the president signed a decree for the adoption of a new, green National Electricity Plan. The plan was drafted in direct cooperation with local authorities and environmental organizations and is meant to guarantee adequate protection of rivers and ecosystems. Turrialba, Feastival Y Encuentro De Comunidades De Costa Rica